Who is Colombino & Polano (about us)

For fifty years, Colombino & Polano has been converting paper, cardboard and plastic into packaging.
We are specialized in the development and production of customized packaging for food and other industrial products. 30 production lines and high-tech machines guarantee our customers efficient and rapid production. Our experienced staff enables the fulfillment of the wishes of our customers, ideal starting material and shaping, custom design, sampling, production. Activities include manufacture of tools, gluing, hot pressing, thermoforming, flexo- and offset printing.
Colombino & Polano sells more than 80 different products, available at any time and customizable. (See catalog)

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As per Colombino and Polano’s initiative, the company, founded in Muris di Ragogna (Udine), specializes in the manufacture of cardboard packaging for the confectionery and bakery industries.



Colombino & Polano acquires four other carton-based companies in the area.

The eighties are the years of the pre-packaged: the company diversifies production to adapt to new products and new modes of transport and display by introducing plastic packaging.



In the 90s, new ecological requirements push Colombino & Polano to develop eco-friendly packaging: during these years have been created the patent of the Wheelchairs for the carriage of alloy wheels for the automotive industry, from recycled and recyclable cardboard.
In the same years, their sons Paolo, Claudia and Andrea joined the company, with the aim not only to be a supplier, but to offer a wide variety of packaging options ad hoc. Two more works for more advanced technological products are being opened, with great success abroad.

Colombino & Polano concentrate the entire production at the new plant in Trasaghis. In Muris di Ragogna, on the other hand, still stay administrative offices and the company store for private clients, traders and local clubs.



We were born and grown in Muris, in 2013 we decided to build our second plant in Trasaghis – a few steps from the Tagliamento river. We believe in our country, in the challenges and opportunities that this border region opens up. We put people at the center of our activities, upgrading the competences and abilities of each individual.

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